Comic-Con Compendium

I am not brave (or rich) enough to have made it out to San Diego for the big event this year…or ANY year for that matter…but I still enjoy reading about all the goings-on in relation to comic book and movie news. So, I figured I might as well serve as a one-stop blog for all the important things leaking out of the convention center. And, from the horror stories I’ve heard, those leaking things could be pretty stinky. And hairy. And dressed up like a stormtrooper.

For the four of you who read this bungled mess on a semi-regular basis, I’m just gonna do a bunch of links. Clean and simple. In and out.

  • Overexposed porn star Jenna Jameson to become even more of a caricature.
  • Watchmen movie to star relative unknowns (like the first Star Wars flick).
  • First trailer for The Dark Knight to debut tonight with The Simpsons Movie.
  • DC Comics to publish a graphic novel based on NBC’s Heroes.
  • Paul Pope’s collected THB to be published by First Second.
  • Darwyn Cooke (and my interest in the title) will be leaving The Spirit after #12.
  • Marvel talked about a bunch of stuff with pretty pictures.
  • Vertigo released art from Brian Wood’s Northlandersvikings are the new zombies.
  • Oh, and G4TV is broadcasting from the con floor pretty much all day.

Part Two tomorrow.


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