So Close Yet So Far Away

The big news is that I had a conference call last week with my agent and an editor who is showing interest in Sleep Suits Irish. I refuse to namedrop at this point, but the editor works at an imprint of one of the “Big Six” publishers. He handles a lot of dark fiction, thrillers, and licensed books (videogames & comics mostly).

He was very energetic and the first words out of his mouth were “I love your voice.” (Meaning my writing style, not my speaking voice…though my dulcet timbre is quite magical itself).

We discussed some possible changes to some characters and plot points which greatly improved the flow of the book. Lots of dual motive stuff. Everyone in the book is two-faced to a degree. Of course, if he did sign on, I’d have to employ the “red pen of death” to hack the book apart and rebuild it Six Million Dollar Man style.

The conversation ended with the editor saying he was having other staffers read the book as well and he’d be back in touch soon. Seemed positive. Still waiting to hear more.

To be honest, I’ve gotten three or four other rejections and they’ve all been quite pleasant. Folks seem to like my style and my characterization. I think some editors just don’t want to put in the work required to make the book not necessarily perfect but at least more sellable.

Aside from that brief excitement, everything else is same old-same old. I’m plugging away on Book #3 whose tentative title I’m now 80% sure has been scrapped. Still looking for better wording to explain the book. In my head at least, I’ve replaced Penny Black Spinner Rack with Dreams of Robber Days, which is just as ethereal and meaningless to the general public. I’m nearly 100 pages into it and the plot is just now unfolding. Lots of world and character building to make it all seem lifelike. Feels good though. I like it.

So what’s new with you?

One thought on “So Close Yet So Far Away

  1. Hello! This subbing thing is interesting, huh? And by “interesting” I mean ulcer-inducing. But yeah, let’s be that next wave! I even did a blog post comparing writing to winter surfing in Maine, so that must mean something, right?

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