The McCain Headlines

Every time McCain’s campaign puts out a purely negative advertisement designed to try to cast doubt on Obama’s background or character (instead of, you know, actually offering solutions or plans beyond “I know how to do that”), I can’t help but think of this classic Simpsons zinger:

I guess when McCain gets blown out in the general election, he can always take a cue from his running mate and try to compete in another sort of beauty contest:


There Goes the Childhood!

Have you seen the new JCPenney’s Back-to-School television commercial yet?

The pseudo-emo remake (performed by *gag* New Found Glory) of the Simple Minds classic “Don’t You Forget About Me”…the scene-by-scene deconstruction of John Hughes’ masterpiece…the unrepentant raping of my memories…

It’s horrible.

I cry a little inside every time I see it.

And you know what the worst part is? The clothes are just plain awful.