The Avenging Hour!

For anyone interested in podcasts and comic books and podcasts about comic books and, specifically, The Avengers, my friend John and I have started a new thing…

The Avenging Hour!

We’re tackling the history of Marvel’s Avengers from 1963 to present, beginning with Issue #1 and working up to present day (by the time we retire, probably). We dissect the plots, discuss the heroes and villains, and apply a liberal amount of snark where required.

Give us a listen. We update weekly. And we’re on iTunes too!

Comics For Sale!

Hey there, lurkers. I’m just dropping in to say that I’m exorcising my comic book collection and you could benefit from it!

I’ve listed 37 auctions on eBay. Bid on something. Own a piece of my life. Become one with deadbeatJONES.

Claim your piece of my pop culture childhood HERE.